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Our Mission

At Ten Steps Ahead, we treat our clients as if they are our business partners. Our mission is to facilitate their growth and become a part of their success story.

Our success is tied to the success of each and every client we serve. In order to facilitate the success of our clients, we must build a strong relationship with each and every client.

And we must learn the ins and outs of their business and treat their business like its ours. Our mission is not complete until our clients are Ten Steps Ahead of their competition.

Owner / Lead Marketing Director

We create awesomly cool websites and identities. Here's some examples.

Media Showcase

This section highlights the media we have produced for some of our high end clients.

Ten Steps Ahead Commercial

A short video about what we believe and what the success of our clients mean to our company.

Zomo Tropical Amazon: A commercial for a tobacco flavor for one of Latin America's biggest shisha tobacco companies. Commercials are a great way to sell your brand and capture user's attention.

Zahrah Spade Jr Overview: An overview of the Zahrah's flagship hookah model. We go indepth to educate users about the features and functions of the product.

Zahrah Bohemian Bases Overview: We take a deep dive to show users the amazing new bases from Zahrah. These explainer videos are an amazing way to educate viewers about your products.

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