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Ten Steps AheadMarketing

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  • Social Media Marketing Our social media tools help your business gain valuable followers/likes on a wide range of social media platfroms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more.
  • Search Engine Optimization With over a decade of experience in SEO, we know what Google, as well as other search engines, expect from a webpage in terms of rankings. Setting up your webpage with appropriate internal schemas and external inbound techniques may go a long way to help boost your search engine rankings.
  • Mobile Marketing The best way to reach your customers is straight to their phone. After all, who doesn't check their text messages? Not very many companies utilize text marketing and those who do are not willing to share their secret to success. We have built tools that can schedule mass texts and MMS messages straight to your customers phone from a pool of numbers stored in a database with the message of your choice.
  • Google Adwords It may be hard to get a business off the ground organically but with the right advertising budget and an optimized Google Adwords campaign, your online grand opening will be just the begining.
  • Facebook Ads Facebook knows a lot about their users, including their habits, interests, and of course, their geo-location. Facebook Ads allow you to target customers that may be living down the street from you. And before you know it, the exponential power of social media can make you go from 1 customer to a 100 in no time.
  • Email Newsletters Emails are still a very highly effective form of marketing and its impact can be monitored. With A/B testing tools, we can help you analyze which message was more effective for your business.
  • Content Marketing Advertising may bring in sales for your business but content marketing brings life to your business. Content marketing helps you connect with your most loyal customers while bringing in new customers at the same time.

Ten Steps AheadWeb Development

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  • Content Management System A custom content management system can increase efficiency by helping your team focus only on the features & tools that are needed to help your operations run smoothly.
  • E-commerce Start selling products online overnight with easy to use e-commerce softwares such as Shopify, Volusion and more. We are here to help you from the moment you buy your domain to the moment you make your first sale.
  • Landing Page An effective landing page can capitalize on each visit by directing your visitor's attention to important information about your product, that may increase the chances of a sale, or desired action.

Ten Steps AheadGraphic Design

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  • Web Layouts Whether it's a static/dynamic webpage or a full blown e-commerce website, let us design your website from top to bottom to ensure users enjoy the experience.
  • Logo Design The company's logo is how the company is recognized and a professional logo can build trust with potential customers. Brand recognition is the key to success in today's highly competitive world.
  • Branding Material Using professional print material such as flyers, business cards, brochures, and menus can bring depth to your company's image and visuals. A well received design may lead to more sales for your company.

Ten Steps AheadVideo Editing

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  • Special Effects Put in the extra spark in your videos with special effects that bring your videos on par with something you would see on television or short-clip ads.
  • Commercials Drive sales for your business using video commercials that can appear on various channels including pre-roll Youtube ads, Facebook videos, or Instagram videos.
  • Social Media Clips Go the extra step to promote your business on social media using videos. You are able to express more through a short & to-the-point video than you ever could with a picture.

Ten Steps AheadData Manipulation

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  • Data Gathering We can help you retrieve data of any scale (small or large) from online resources or local, with fast turn-around times using our in-house web crawling technologies. Whether you want to update pricing based on SKU, or gather news from around the world, or anything else, we can help gather the data and neatly format it to your specifics.
  • Directory Scanning Quickly gather information from online directories that you can store and analyze at your own leisure.
  • Algorithmic Trend Analysis Using past data to forcast trends is the best way to prepare for what is to come. Our data manipulation services can dive deep within data to turn raw data into useful information for your company. Sorting, comparing, forecasting, are just a few of the examples of how to manipulate and analyze data.

Ten Steps AheadComputer Automation

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  • Behavior Learning Tired of doing the same thing over and over? Such as data entry, data retrieval, sorting, etc? Tell us where you spend the most time doing repetitive and predictable tasks relating to data, and we can custom tailor a solution for you that has computer automation working efficiently and cost-effecively 24/7.
  • Scheduled Tasks Automate tasks for the computer to carry out at any time during the day and years in advance. Update a price, post a special, upload a document, send an email, or anything else.